For those that are close to me you know that there is always some recipe I am trying to perfect. I do admit I have thrown away some doorstop breads in the earlier days of this process. For those forced to try them, thank you, you have helped me grow and feedback both positive and negative is always welcome.

I have several challenges these days mostly finding enough hours in a day to experiment as much as I want. With two young boys to take care of at home I often find myself running in circles after them however it is clear to me that my passion for creating healthy recipes is rubbing off on them. My four year old often walks around with a notepad scribbling notes about and I quote "the new recipe we should try to make." My notes are scraps of paper, torn sheets with sticky goo, post its with cross out and I am glad to be moving forward to share what I have learned for others seeking a healthier lifestyle or for those who like me find themselves supporting a dear friend or family member going through cancer.

Aside from time, my second biggest challenge is finding good names for these items. A favorite of mine is a granola type of snack that kept my teammate Janet and I powered up during our long training walks for the Komen 3-day. The best name we have so far is "snack balls". This was something we used to make them interesting to the kids but clearly they need a new name that does not include the word "balls". Once you try this recipe please post your name ideas!!

As I have heard from many a doctor, the key to those who survive is diet with reduced fat and calories and excercise. These things keep you energized for the battle ahead and for clean living. I hope you find these recipes helpful and I truly hope they help you in your journey wether it be one as patient, survivor or supporter.