Many of the items I use in my recipes include the following items that you may or may not keep in your kitchen already. I highly recommend visiting your local natural food store to pick these items up. Once you find what you like, there are some online stores that carry these items at a lower cost.

Grains and Nuts:
Rolled Oats
Unprocessed Bran
Wheat Flakes
Oat Bran
Ground Flax seed Meal
Whole Flax seeds
Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Raw Sunflower Seeds
Raw Nuts
Raw Nut Butters (Raw is better since many roasted nuts use poor quality oils)

Oat Flour (Easy to make your own and much cheaper. Simply grind down rolled oats in a food processor)
Whole Wheat Flour
Brown Rice Flour

Dry Beans: (Cooking your own beans is more labor intense but tastes better and lasts longer. Cooked beans can easily be frozen in freezer bags.)
Black Beans
Red Beans
White Beans
Canellini Beans
Lentils (all varieties)

Barley Malt (This is a low glycemic food that acts a super sweetener)
Unsweetened Carob
Unsweetened apple sauce (I use less and less of this these days since the glycemic index is so high)
Plain, nonfat Greek yogurt (A great butter replacement)

Other Miscellaneous Kitchen Items:
Small bread pans. Mine makes 8 mini loaves per pan.
A mixer and/or a very large bowl
Food Processor and/or a Vita Mix
Very  large pots for making large batches of soups
A simple sprouter (sprouted legumes actually digest as vegetables adn are one of the most nutritious foods)