A Note About The Recipes

These recipes are not for the casual cook. They involve much planning and preparation and believe me when I tell you I cook in bulk once a recipe is perfected. The chest freezer I keep in my basement is always loaded with goodies to defrost. I tend to cook by feel but I have attempted to list specific measurements as much as possible.

In planning for these recipes, one day I might soak beans or bake sweet potatoes while on another day I may just puree ingredients.The more pure the food the better, so I stay away from canned items to avoid any potential harmful chemicals or additives. Read labels people, just because you buy it at Whole Foods does not mean it is natural and/or low fat and healthy. One thing is for certain, that on any given day there is always something "in process" for one of my creations in my fridge.

I welcome all feedback and suggestions, especially about recipe names. Thanks for joining me on this journey!