Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Smoothies otherwise known as "Why I LOVE my VitaMix"

Green smoothies are an amazing way to get a number of servings of both vegetables of fruits in one drink. They can be easily modified to your taste and based on what you may have on hand on any given day. The reason they are so amazing in the VitaMix is because the VitaMix keeps the "whole" food as opposed to a juicer which spits out the crucial and important fiber. When I bake I make sure to measure ingredients but when it comes to smoothies I typically measure by the handful or pinch.

Green smoothies are great meal replacements and are perfect for a person on the go. They take some time to get used to, I tend to drink them quickly keeping in mind that no matter how funky it might taste or smell it is so good for me. The benefits of raw juice are numerous including but not limited to quickly feeding the cells with crucual nutrients. They are wonderful for people having a hard time chewing all those greens, people trying to manage the side effects of chemo, and for a quick meal on the go. I find that when I begin my day with a green smoothie that I have so much more energy and a mid afternoon slump is easily cured with a green smoothie. It is possible to even make raw brussel sprouts taste good, yes brussell sprouts.

Here are some of my favorite combinations. Have fun experimenting with it. If you need it to be more sweet I suggest adding more fruits and/or some raw honey.

I typically begin with 2 cups of water and then add from there.Combine ingredients in the VitaMix, begin at speed one and quickly increase to speed 10 and high

Supercharged Lunch Smoothie:
  •  2 cups of water
  • one large handful of spinach, kale and lettuce
  • one carrot
  •  a chunck of purple cabbage
  •  1 TBS flax seed meal (omegas and fiber)
  • 1 TBS hemp seeds (great protein)
  • frozen berries
 Brussel Sprouts Can Taste Good:
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2-3 raw brussel sprouts
  • 4-6 frozen strawberries
  • a large handful of spinach and lettuce
  • 1/2 an apple
  • 1 carrot
  • handful of grapes

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